98fiveFM: New insurance legislation

30 May 2019

98five FM.

Radio discussion on new legislation affecting insurance through superannuation.

  • Insurance is on an opt in basis for new super accounts
  • Existing insurance would be canceled on all inactive account unless notification is made to retain.

Things the take note:

  • check what type of insurance cover you have through your existing funds
  • find out how much cover you need here
  • decide on which super you want to roll into by look at this page
  • Seek help if you feel that this is too hard for you

Elson Goh joins Bec Jones in the studio

Elson Goh from EG Financial Services joins Bec Jones in the studio and today they are going to discuss what is happening in the world of finance and explain what employer funds are.

Posted by 98.5 Sonshine FM on Wednesday, 29 May 2019