History – Elson

Publications and Media

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Industry Contribution

2020 – current CFP C Exam Question Selection Panel for Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA)

  • Review and select new questions for the CFP Certification examination
  • Ensure the robustness of the CFP program

2011 – 2020 Member of Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) Professional Designations Committee (National)

  • Maintains the integrity of its Professional Designations, including programs, certification and awarding procedures; and
  • Builds and promotes professional designations that demonstrate the pinnacle professional status of FPA membership

2011 – 2014 Member of FPA Curriculum Working Group for Financial Planning Education Council (National)

  • Drive the development of an Australian Financial Planning University Curriculum based on the FPSB global curriculum;
  • Develop accreditation requirements for the range of “Approved Programs‟;
  • Establish expectations of academic participation in the profession;
  • Channel research activity in Financial Planning;
  • Promote the value of University and Industry partnership in Financial Planning; and
  • Promote the career of Financial Planning to University students

Employment history

  • E G Financial Services Pty Ltd
  • Kairos Finance Pty Ltd
  • Curtin University
  • Sovereign Bridge Capital Group
  • Aspire Wealth Planning
  • Transparence Financial Planning
  • St Andrew’s Wealth Management Ltd
  • Commonwealth Financial Planning