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WAMN News: How young people can avoid financial pitfalls

5 August 2018. WAMN News. Written article here. Written opinion here.

ABC radio: Bankruptcy research

31 Jul 2018. ABC Radio 720AM. News clip Breakfast program with Peter and Paula. Conversations on rise in bankruptcies.

ABC News: Bankruptcy surge hits young families in WA and Queensland hardest

31 July 2018. ABC News. Main article here Contributions to the discussion on the rise of bankruptcies. Repeated in: MSN...

98fiveFM: Personal Insurance Explained

18 July 2018. 98five FM. Radio discussion on personal insurance.

98fiveFM: Investment Principles – How much is enough?

20 June 2018. 98five FM. Radio discussion on investment principles. Investment returns reflects risk Investment needs a purpose/goal Matching investments...

98fiveFM: First Home Super Saver Scheme

16 May 2018. 98five FM. Radio discussion on saving ways to save up for a deposit for your first home....

WAMN Evening News: Banking Royal Commission

22 April 2018 WAMN News Written article here. Comments on the recent banking royal commission.

98fiveFM: Managing Mortgage Stress

18 April 2018. 98five FM. Radio discussion on managing mortgage stress. Part1 Part2 Part3  

98fiveFM: Reducing your Mortgage

21 March 2018. 98five FM. Radio discussion on reducing your mortgage.

Personal Risk Management

Personal risk is the exposure to financial loss and additional expenses resulting from premature death, disability or critical illness. Your...