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The West Australian: Why school doesn’t add up

16 May 2020 Comment on Financial Literacy in high schools. Repeated in: The Weekend West; AMR Times; The West Australian; BD Times; The Geraldton...

WAMN Evening News: Unforeseen consequences of deferring mortgages

05 April 2020 Comments on Government stimulus package.

WAMN: Additional Assistance Package WA

31 03 2020 Comments on the additional assistance package by the WA government.

98fiveFM: Things to avoid in a financial downturn

9 March 2020 98five FM. Radio discussion on current financial downturn. Put aside some money to build up a buffer...

WAMN Western Perspective: Wrap up 2019

15 December 2019 Summary of the economy and job market for 2019.

98fiveFM: How to Finish the Year Strong

5 December 2019 98five FM. Radio discussion on how to finish the year strong. Evaluate and consultative reflection of your...

WAMN Western Perspective: Youth employment

03 11 2019 WAMN News. Comments on whether payroll tax cuts will increase employment.

WAMN Evening News: Payroll tax cuts

03 November 2019 WAMN News Comments on state payroll tax cuts.

98fiveFM: Buying shares

24 October 2019 98five FM. Radio discussion on what to look out for when buying shares. Understand your time horizon...

98fiveFM: Managing credit card debt

3 October 2019 98five FM. Radio discussion on how to manage your credit card debt. Cut up your credit card...